Who We Are

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide infrastructure for food systems in disaster-stricken areas.

Our aim is to support community self-development in regions suffering from economic hardships, whether by disaster or man-made. Focusing on supporting the infrastructure and training for growing systems that address obstacles to a budding local food system. Adding to both economic independence and health.

We will also be creating lasting relationships artisans and organizations that embrace Fair Trade principles. Ensuring that the quality and uniqueness of the product is mirrored by the quality of life we believe each person is entitled to. This too, will add to economic independence and mental health. Think about the breathe you can take when you know you can feed and provide for you family.

And, to be clear… what we mean when we say embracing Fair Trade practices is that we offer and work with organizations that ensure a fair living wage to the artisan for their time and skill. Guaranteeing that they have proper working conditions, and with a focus on women’s groups (non-discrimination). We also partner with those that take pride in sustainable material and environmentally friendly practices.


The Blue Atlas Project’s aim is to be a constantly evolving social enterprise. I have shared where we came from, as an effort to raise money for small school in a remote village in Nepal, after the earthquakes that rocked the country in 2015. And through that story, is how we came to believe in a sustainable way to aid in economic development, both through investing in food systems during disaster recovery and our fair-trade marketplace. Our relationships are important, I firmly believe that providing support for community self-development, is one of the most conscientious ways to lift up and empower. Our aim is not to dictate our version of development but to see how we can more fully support our partners in what growth means to them.

That does not negate the need for philanthropy and aid. As we continue to build, we will strive to begin deeper work within our world. The non-profit arm of Blue Atlas, which has been established in order to help provide more assistance in the form of sustainable community building projects, based in basic needs, to support not just a better life, but a resilient community. Which is why we will continue to work in areas affected by disasters. We will choose to work with those who are more vulnerable. We will keep learning. We will keep trying. We will participate in the solution.

LLC EIN: 83-3201234                                   501(c)3 EIN: 59-3207493                               FL CCE: CH 4070