Who We Are

Mission Statement

Building local food systems with those impacted by disasters.

Blue Atlas Project provides infrastructure support and trainings to create, cultivate and strengthen the connection to local food systems for all persons in a community recovering from a disaster.

We do this by bringing timely resources, education and financial support to disaster-stricken communities throughout the world for the creation and cultivation of sustainable, locally administered food systems to serve all, in recovery and rebuilding.

The initiatives we administer aim to support community self-development, adding to both economic independence and health, in regions suffering from economic hardships, whether by disaster or man-made.


Disasters of any kind impact accessibility to basic human necessities – BA is dedicated to providing an expeditious response to these impacted areas and communities for an extended term with continual resources, guidance and educational opportunities. Below are the values that guide our organization.

1. Building Partnership Capacity

Blue Atlas believes in working with other organizations and community groups to effectively and efficiently carry out programs to obtain the greatest impact.

2. Dignity and Respect

The Blue Atlas Project will operate our organization with no discrimination of any kind. An organization that exemplifies and promotes dignity, respect and fairness.

3. Transparency in All We Do

Transparency to everyone, most notably the beneficiaries, volunteers, employees and our donors.

4. Community Centered Approach 

We believe every person deserves access to locally grown nutritious food, available at a fair market cost.  Our approach is tailored to the needs in each location, incorporating input from the local community and establishing continual partnerships.

5. Focused Educational Opportunities

We believe working with schools and providing trainings to adults and children alike, affords individuals and communities the opportunity to connect to their local food systems, enabling self-sufficiency, food security and economic independence.


We exist to create a world where communities are connected and invested in their own food source and enjoy direct benefit from the nutrition and the personal security and peace that comes through such connection. Each individual, family, and community deserve access to locally grown, inexpensive, nutritious food. Disasters, whether natural or man-made, create gaps in the capability to meet basic human needs, such as food and water, as well as the dignity that accompanies a community’s ability to provide for themselves.

The Blue Atlas Project advances efforts to restore community dignity, independence and self-reliance in the wake of disaster.  We tailor our solutions to assist communities in growing nutrient dense food by increasing local food production. We support communities in their pursuit of self-sufficiency and food sovereignty.  The focus of Blue Atlas is grass roots – we aim to impact the community one person, or one group at a time, focusing on the generational impacts, such as the creation of school gardens, while also educating and providing resources to interested individuals.  These actions fill voids created by disasters with a community-focused view of both economic security and food independence.  BA provides training, resources and continual consultations to ensure the local food network is robust and sustainable so we can grow in perpetuity with them.

501(c)3 EIN: 86-1750391