Greenies & Co.

Greenies & Co. created a product line by combining their love for local-sourced, handwoven textiles, native indigo and a modern minimalist design; which is simple but stylish. Their products lend themselves to functionality, creating a distinctive elemental and expression of simplicity combined with a timeless quality.

They place their emphasis on technique, craftsmanship, and authentic materials. Carefully choosing only quality materials; mainly full grain leathers, naturally dyed fabrics, especially handwoven local textiles, and superior canvas and linen. We apply our own methods to surfaces to create individual unique pieces with simple forms and fine details.

As with their parent organization Ars D-sine, they are dedicated to helping people in their community by providing much needed income to local women enabling them to help support their families and gain financial independence, while working at home. They are also part of an initiative developing craftsmanship training and sustainable employment in rural villages, and helping to restore the art of local weaving tradition through the design of original fabrics.

Featured Products

full grain leather wallet View Details

Full-Grain Leather Wallet

$29.00 Quick View
Fair Trade Leather Tote View Details

Full-Grain Leather Tote

$145.00 Quick View
Indigo dyed canvas tote View Details

Indigo Dyed Canvas Tote

$64.00 Quick View
Fair Trade Laptop Case View Details

Leather Base Canvas Case

$37.00 Quick View

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