Kadam Haat

Kadam Haat was founded in 2006 by two sisters, Payal Nath and Pooja Ratnakar. It is an NGO based in West Bengal that aims to confront the problems of unemployment and uneducated youth migration to urban cities by providing safe and sustainable livelihoods.

To tackle this at the grassroots level, Kadam aims to improve education conditions and provide viable employment opportunities for women and youth in rural villages. In order to create employment opportunities, they work towards creating small and medium enterprises leading to greater utilization of local resources and to teach skilled artisan’s basic professionalism required for economic sustainability. Kadam uses a two prong strategy that involves nurturing and growth. Adopting one village at a time, Kadam offers technical and design support in the form of basic machinery or equipment for improving productivity and technological growth. They begin with a one-year training period, followed by production in the second and third year and finally one year is spent transitioning the artisan cluster to independence. After the fourth year, Kadam maintains a connection to offer any further support the cluster may require. We are currently working with the Sabai Cluster of Kadam Haat.

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