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Scaling Up Local Ag Program

We expanded our project in Abaco by the generosity of all of you. We began 2022 by kicking off our Scaling Up Agriculture Program. Our aims with this project is to provide support into multiple arenas.

First and foremost with this program is our Scaling Up Local Ag (SULA) Grant. With the support of multiple foundations, we will be providing grants for small food + agriculture business development. This is fundamental for supporting the growth of a local food movement in Abaco. Our underlying goal is to see more people growing food in a sustainable and climate smart way. We will support initiatives that are falling in the gap of funding from other sources, the start-ups. The ability and success of start-ups are what allows the growth of an industry to take hold.

We have also expanded our trainings to include mind + body nutrition and aquaculture.

We have also sponsored the Seed-to-School project. This programming allowed us to introduce soil amendment to school gardens, built during Grow Happy Days with Canadian Family Health Counseling. The days focused on mental, emotional and physical health benefits of eating whole foods.


Marsh Harbor, Abaco Islands, Bahamas

The Food Equity and Sustainability Training (FEAST) Center

Blue Atlas’s focus began in Marsh Harbor, Abaco, with our Food Equity and Sustainability Training (FEAST) Center. Our aim was to create a community accessible training center featuring climate smart agricultural approaches. We wanted to provide a demonstration garden utilizing techniques to help solve pre-existing challenges to growing in the area; challenges such as water consumption, land (space) and decent soil. Ultimately, we wanted to provide a pathway for more people to grow more food.

We completed this build in early August of 2021. We collaborated with local farms, relief organizations and community organizations to help establish a sustainable school garden that doubles as the FEAST Center. It is located centrally in Marsh Harbor, at the Agape School in the Abaco Islands. Focused on sustainable solutions such as Aquaponics, Hydroponics and permaculture, the center hosts trainings based on those grow techniques, nutrition and small business development.

This phase of the Abaco Island project is busy providing trainings for schools, future farmers and all parties interested. We worked with a corporate sponsor to help provide a sliding scale of support for both additional school gardens and backyard market gardens for individuals.

Read a more detailed account of the project here.

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Topka, Nepal

Sustainable & Seismic Resistant School

Over the winter of 2015/2016 we completed the construction of a two classroom Earthbag/Super Adobe and seismic resistant school for the children of Topka. These students were still studying in tents and broken shelters post the 2015 earthquakes.

The assessment was focused in Sindhupalchowk, Nepal. This region was affected more by the second earthquake, or strong aftershock, that occured on May 12th, 2015. It registered a 7.3 magnitude.

We focused on sustainable, disaster resistant structures that were in remote areas that had been overlooked due to the logistical challenges of getting supplies and working there.

Our goal was to complete the build in 3 months. The school opened on April 1st, 2016, on schedule.

100% of all donations went directly to the school. All work was carried out by 70+ volunteers that came to work with us.

Read the about the Birth of BA  here.

Read a more detailed account of the project here.


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The Glasscock Family Foundation

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The Ledford Family

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