Food Equity and Sustainability Training Center

Marsh Harbor, Abaco Islands, Bahamas

Resiliency through Food Security

Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahama Islands, lingering, between August 24th-September 10th, 2019. Decimating the Abaco islands and creating billions of dollars of destruction on Grand Bahama.

Fast forward a year… at the beginning of October, 2020 electricity finally came back to most of  the Island. Things take time. And we needn’t forget the necessity for support through the rebuilding phase. It has been a year, and there is still much left undone. The first wave or relief has closed, basic infrastructure has been restored for the most part; we are talking electricity, plumbing, water and roadways.

What we want to create in this next phase, are systems that provide resiliency and independence. We want to move away from relief packages of food and towards a sustainable local food system. We want to get people back in their homes and businesses back up and running. There are a number of organizations on the ground to help the residents of the Abaco Islands work towards life with their basic needs not just met but with the ability to provide for themselves on their own. And we are building partnerships with many of them.

We are on the ground here in Marsh Harbor. We are collaborating with local farms, relief organizations and local organizations and community members to help establish a Food Equity and Sustainability Training Center – our FEAST Center. Focusing on Hydroponics and Aquaponics, we will be building the infrastructure for the new systems, along with providing trainings for schools, future farmers and all parties interested. What set’s this project apart is that we are working with the community and a point person, to establish a business plan to enable this center to be self-sustaining.

Our objective is to leave this in able hands with our Bahamian BA Team Member, to continue the work of dialing in the systems and watching it grow- literally- with our continued support. We will phase out slowly and it will be a sustainable center. It is our ambition to assist in supplying DIY kits for those interested in either a home or market garden of their own.

We have a portion of our infrastructure needs met, but we still need to keep fundraising to meet our goals of providing continued support as we transition and grow into the self-sustaining unit it will become. Click the donate button on the home page or visit our marketplace to contribute to our project.

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