Super Adobe (Earthbag) School Project

Topka, Nepal

Sustainable & Seismic Resistant School

The assessment was focused in Sindhupalchowk, Nepal. This region was affected more by the second earthquake, or strong aftershock, that occured on May 12th, 2015. It registered a 7.3 magnitude.

We were focused on sustainable, disaster resistant structures in remote areas that had been overlooked by larger  INGO’s due to the lostical struggle of working there.

We completed this assessment in November, 2015 and immediately began raising funds under the name The Blue Atlas Project.  Our architect Adam Chapulski starting designing the structure- after a plot of land was donated, along with a terrace level (earth that would be necessary for the bags) and access to energy, to provide shelter for the students of Topka, who were forced to study outside or in tents once their school was demolished during the earthquake.

We were set to break ground the first week of January 2016.

We were able to make this happen with the assist of local organizations streamlining the paperwork process. Amazing commitment from our small team, Michael Robb, Adam and myself, along with the strength of core volunteers and the support and aid of the community.

We spend the beginning month digging the foundation and moving old foundation stone from fallen structures down to the work site. Along with beginning to dig into the terrace, a substantial amount of earth, moving large stones and then sifting it through screens to be left with only the finest earth to fill the bags with.

The walls rose quickly, Adam and Michael handling the structural stability and efficiency of the material we purchased.

Our goal was to complete the build in 3 months. The school opened on April 1st, 2016, on schedule.

100% of all donations went directly to the school. All work was carried out by 70+ volunteers that came to work with us.