1. Food that is:) The FEAST Center, is now producing food in an educational and research capacity. We 88 plants in Hydro Stand number 1. So far, the plants are looking good! There is some deficiencies we are working on remedying with quantity and spot checks, as well as a variety of ways to fend off pests so that the amount of spray is at a minimum. I am not going to lie, it is not the friendliest of smells.


2. We are also kicking off our Harvest of the Month (HOM) project in June 2021! We will be offering a feature of a locally produced item, by feature we mean showcasing the nutrients of the food along with recipes of fresh and preserved ways to use the produce and the cost connected to it. We will be using this project to share information and create projects in the schools. We will be sharing this information in our capacity building newsletter and amongst virtual outreach here in Abaco.

3. We have our Tilapia fingerlings in our primary tank! We could let nature takes its course, which we have been doing – allowing the nitrites and nitrates begin to appear naturally. However, we are ready to get into producing more food and have another 280 plants started and ready to move into the aquaponics system! That being said we have brought in some nitrifying bacteria to speed up that process and get our closed loop system producing vegetables of all kinds and get those fish growing.


4. We also just kicked off our Specialist Training Series with Randy & Sue Campbell of Perpetual Foods. The two-day workshop filled up within days with our intimate number of attendees. They have streamlined and created a simple…er approach to aquaponics. Making it more adaptable to for those interested in systems of various scale. With our focus on small shareholder and backyard farmers, we want to help with systems that are work within their symbiotic relationship to create truly natural products. Through that we are now working towards facilitating our first systems adoption, both for backyard community gardens and for our first school adoption here in Marsh Harbor.

We have some exciting plans coming up in the next few months that will allow Blue Atlas to have a more immediate and greater impact. We can’t wait to share more details with you.