Artisan made of pure Fair-Trade Kashmiri Pashmina, hand-spun fibers of no more than 12 microns on a traditional loom. This scarf is made of the one of finest and warmest sources of cashmere available. Soft to the touch and 100% natural with no added dyes. Natural + Light. Read about the Beigh Family Weaving Collective on our artisan page to learn more about the process.

Origin: Srinagar, Kashmir

Artisan: Beigh Family Weaving Collective

Materials: 100% Pure Cashmere of Kashmiri Pashmina


Working with pure Kashmiri Pashmina, all steps of this process are done by hand, to create the finest, softest cashmere available today. Click here, to read more about how far the reaches of one scarf is.

Additional information

Weight .4 lbs
Dimensions 70 × 27 × .1 in

Beigh Family

Care Instructions

Hand-wash in warm water with natural soap. Blot or hang dry without twisting. Iron on warm heat if necessary.


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