Uganda in June 2022

We have just spent the majority of the last two weeks traveling around Uganda to assess projects that will help combat malnutrition across the country and hunger in a very poor district.

First, Uganda is a stunningly beautiful country, and we are starting to work with community organizers in two regions. Small shareholder farmers are abundant in Uganda, it is shocking to look around and agriculture is everywhere you see, yet there are many living with dangerous levels of hunger, and a large % would be considered a more vulnerable population, children/orphans, single mothers and those living with HIV.

I won’t get into the complexity of the situation in Uganda, but I can say, over 42% live in poverty by international standards. That line, the poverty line, is representing those that live on or under $1.90/day. Our programs are being designed to not just help fight,

  1. Malnutrition by providing spirulina to schools across Uganda
  2. Hunger by providing a sustainable breeding program for animal husbandry in a place with no access.

But we are doing so to help create livelihoods and sustainability to lift people above that poverty line.

Our first meeting at the Trinity Primary School.
So much joy meeting these children and the superheroes who teach and feed them.


We are also still assessing another project in the southern region that has me quite excited about the impact it could create. We are expanding. And we are busy.

These are very different projects in Uganda. And we do need your help to reach our fundraising goals to make that happen. For more information on the details of either project, please email me and I would be happy to answer any questions. If you are in a position to help, please visit:
to learn more about the cost of sponsoring an animal for a family or a pond to raise spirulina.

For now… We are off to Abaco to help construct and install 5 more aquaponics gardens for schools, communities and small shareholder farmers!