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Our Mission

Building local food systems with those impacted by disasters

Project Update

Blue Atlas Project is expanding our reach and we are beginning to fundraise for projects in Uganda.

We are building proposals to fund our first projects in Uganda. The Spirulina Development Institute (SDI), is being constructed in the Fort Portal region. We have collaborated with an amazing team on the ground and have developed SDI into a community based organization. We will be partnering with the government to establish the first standards for growing spirulina in Uganda and creating safe access to the superfood for schools across the country. Helping to stop the irreversible and generational toll of sever malnutrition, to aid all individuals to become healthy and thriving adults.

Click Here to read more about what these projects will do.

Scaling Up Local Agriculture Grant

We have allocated over $130,000 USD to our SULA Grants in Abaco, Bahamas as they rebuild from the destruction of Hurricane Dorian.

We have worked with nearly 25 new and small rebuilding farmers to help start innovative initiatives, as well as provide the necessary basic infrastructure for farmers to start and thrive.

This ranges from aquaponics systems to water pumps to fencing to funding for the areas first Malaysian Shrimp aquaculture project.

We are looking forward to working with the grantees over the next year to see their goals to come to fruition. Our work with them will be to help structure those goals and results into business plans and farm registrations. Our aim will be to continue Scaling Up Local Agriculture with our next round of funding that will allow the grantees to submit their plans for access to greater funding in 2023.

We will keep local agriculture scaling, to create food security for all.

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