Food Equity and Sustainability Training
(FEAST) Center

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide infrastructure and trainings for food systems in disaster-stricken areas.

FEAST Center Update

WE ARE GROWING! In multiple ways.

  1. We are currently fundraising to help us meet our goal of phase 2 of the building phase, which is constructing our Production Classroom to be able to host all future trainings and classes. We are bringing in a container to retrofit as the FEAST Center’s cold storage, production hall and classroom for food preservation and preparation, nutrition and systems. We have the opportunity to purchase a 40’ Container that is being shipped over to donate furniture, doubling its feel good impact! For the containing, moving it to FEAST Center and turning it into a hurricane proof shelter and functioning as cold storage and classroom… will impact 1000’s of students, farmers and community members! We are asking for help in raising the initial $6,000.00 necessary for the first three steps!

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Media Update

We are producing! And growing. Take a second to read our newest Blog post and sign up for updates through our newsletter!

We are currently working towards raising $6000.00 to not only get a 40′ Container that we will retrofit into our production classroom for the on-going education that we will host at the FEAST Center!

Most donations are between $20.00-$100.00. Every $ goes to the project and every bit helps!


The Fair-Trade Marketplace

Hand-Crafted goods created by Artisan Collectives and Organizations working with vulnerable populations.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Khmer Creations

Khmer Creations artisans are paid a salary above market wages along with being offered health benefits and onsite child care. We were excited to partner with them not only because of their noble mission, but also for the extended training they provide to continue to build and invest in the women themselves. There have been  trainings and assistance in all things relating to business and product management all the way to financial literacy and personal development. The collective has the goal of becoming 100% artisan owned, and we are excited to play a role in helping them achieve that

Shop their hand-crafted products here.