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Building local food systems with those impacted by disasters

Project Update

Health and Happiness Tour 2022

Grow Happy® Gardens in Abaco!

We are excited about a new partnership with Canadian Family Health Counselling (CFHC) + their amazing programs. Working with CFCH allows us to create together a holistic approach to food security.

We currently have three school aquaponics gardens in Abaco and with the expertise of CFHC, we will be building two more permaculture demonstration school gardens, installed as part of  Grow Happy®.

Together we will be running programs that bring nutritional awareness to emotional and mental health. We will share this information with communities members. Our collective aim is to equip those who have gone through trauma with a better understanding of how to heal.

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Scaling Up Local Agriculture Grant


*Available to residents of Abaco

Blue Atlas Project has started accepting applications for its Scaling Up Local Agriculture (SULA) Grant.

This grant aims to help bridge the gap for those new and small shareholder farm and food sector businesses to receive the much needed funding available.

To read more about our eligibility requirements click here.

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