Feeding the Future:
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Our Mission

Building local food systems with those impacted by disasters

Project Update

Blue Atlas Project is expanding our reach and we are beginning to fundraise for projects in Uganda.

We are been planning for months to get to Uganda and assess two projects. Projects that will help combat malnutrition across the country and hunger in a very poor district.

First, Uganda is a stunningly beautiful country, and we are starting to work with community organizers in two regions. Small shareholder farmers are abundant in Uganda, it is shocking to look around and agriculture is everywhere you see, yet there are many living with dangerous levels of hunger, and a large % would be considered a more vulnerable population, children/orphans, single mothers and those living with HIV.

Click Here to read more about what these projects will do.

Scaling Up Local Agriculture Grant


*Available to residents of Abaco

Blue Atlas Project has allocated our first round of funding for our SULA Grant. Getting more funds and equipment into the hands of small shareholder farmers. We are about to start accepting applications for our second round!

This grant aims to help bridge the gap for those new and small shareholder farm and food sector businesses to receive the much needed funding available.

To read more about our eligibility requirements click here.

Click here to apply for the SULA Grant.

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