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Children Impacted

Dollars Raised

$130,000.00 in grants for small share-holder farmers

Scaling Up Local Agriculture

What we have found is that in many places the hurdle to starting a small business is a lack of funding and support. Our aim with our Scaling Up Local Agriculture (SULA) grant is to help new and young businesses in the food or agriculture sector get over that initial hurdle by providing finances and guidance to bring their vision to reality.

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Reaching 1000’s of students

Community Based Gardens

Our community-based gardens allow for youth and communities to come together to create their own food source. We work with schools and communities to bring a garden to the forefront where teachers, students and community members can participate in the learning process. These gardens help connect people of all ages to their food and to it’s importance for overall health

Utilizing superfoods to combat malnutrition!

Scaling Up Nutrition

Spirulina: a superfood, adding this to the diet for those in vulnerable situations is a significant step towards ending malnutrition. We are developing the Spirulina Development Institute to support schools in the Kabarole District of Uganda.

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Over 700 farmers impacted

Farmer Education

With our specialist training series, we work with experts in their fields to share information on new grow methods, nutrition with a focus on mind + body wellness, and practical approaches to economically viable ag solutions.

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