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Spirulina Development Institute (SDI) Pilot Concept

This project combines both arms of our programming; agriculture, and nutrition. Through SDI, we are developing a spirulina farm in Kijula, near Fort Portal, Uganda. The farm will work with both individuals, hospitals, schools, and refugee camps. By entering strategic partnerships with the Ministry of Health, Makerere University, the Office of the Prime Minister, and Masaka Regional Hospital, we will provide a roadmap for replication with impact studies in order to provide this innovative solution to vulnerable areas everywhere.


Spirulina dubbed a superfood by the World Health Organization (WHO), can be a locally supplied solution to combat severe and acute malnutrition. The secondary benefits are increased economic opportunity for farmers, industry creation for GPD growth (by partnering with aid organizations to keep funds circulating within the country) and providing clean water access to communities and partners.


This program will expand to schools across Uganda, providing children with access to spirulina to foster a healthy and vital life. Currently, malnutrition is the number one killer for children under 5 and plays an insidious role in undermining a healthy future. The cognitive and physical impacts on youth, especially during the first 6 years are irreversible, causing a lack of development and loss of economic productivity.

A Letter from the SDI Director

SDI Director


The Blue Atlas Project is creatively problem solving the challenge of malnutrition in Uganda through a grassroots effort. They have worked with our community, the local and national government, and schools to design and implement the development of SDI, the Spirulina Development Institute. SDI is championing the introduction of a highly nutritious blue green algae, spirulina, dubbed a superfood by the WHO. Through our collaboration we are bringing spirulina to Uganda in an effort to combat and prevent malnutrition through wide spread distribution, while creating a roadmap for replication for other regions and nations that would also benefit from this forward-thinking model in ending malnutrition.

SDI is a visible example of innovation in addressing a serious problem, it is for this reason that we love working with BA because of its ability to comprehensively involve, engage, innovate, design, and provide support to scale and grow.

Our project has been designed with novelty and effectiveness with a grand vision focused on availing spirulina massively to persons that need it most and provide training, education, and support to all our school, hospital and refugee camp partners.

Our strategic focus to not only provide spirulina but also help make it an integral part of everyday meals for the people of our country. Through ardent research and clinical trials, SDI is an important example for other communities that are focused towards ending severe challenges like malnutrition that have lasting physical and cognitive impacts.

We are incredibly honored to be working on this important project with The Blue Atlas Project and grateful for this huge opportunity to address a severe challenge that the poor have faced for centuries more effectively than existing solutions.


Anthony Ayebare

Anthony Ayebare

Spirulina Development Institute


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