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We look at agricultural issues a region faces and work with the community, within their environmental restrictions, and share solutions to both enhance food production and reduce environmental impact by taking into account space, water conservation and carbon sequestration.

Our techniques:


  • Reducing the dependency of vulnerable populations on foreign imports and creating a healthy and more food-secure world.
  • Aquaponics: bringing together the best of both the versatility of hydroponics with the practical application of aquaculture
  • Soil Regeneration: by utilizing compost and permaculture techniques to create nutrient-dense soil where there was none. The importance of soil sequestration and soil regeneration is imperative for nutrient-dense food production as well as to help address climate change. We are interested in pursuing partnerships to help create vital examples of the efficiency of their approach.
  • Spirulina: a superfood, adding this to the diet for those in vulnerable situations is a significant step towards ending malnutrition. Read more about the fantastic benefits of incorporating spirulina into your diet can do for you here.

“Thank you, Blue Atlas, for such an interesting and fun workshop filled with essential tools to help us through the difficulties of these times whilst dealing with our everyday lives! My daughter and I immensely enjoyed the workshop and we look forward to participating in future ones!”

-Jackie and Elizabeth Eldon

Attending the workshop on emotional health and how food plays a role

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