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Providing training on the importance of farming and nutrition for the Mind & Body

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The Blue Atlas Project Holistic Trainings Concept Image F.E.A.S.T. Center Building



The Blue Atlas Project Holistic Trainings Concept Image F.E.A.S.T. Center Inside

AG Trainings For Farmers

Blue Atlas constructed a Food Equity and Sustainable Training (FEAST) Center + Production Classroom in Marsh Harbor on the Abaco Islands. The FEAST Center doubles as a school garden and a training classroom, currently showcasing aquaponic and hydroponic growing methods accessible to the larger community. Since conception, our training has reached over 700 people. We will continue to partner and offer training to interested individuals to learn concepts that are new to them. We work with specialists in their field to provide both hands-on and virtual training for interested parties in the regions we operate, covering an array of topics; Aquaponics, Aquaculture, Composting, Nutrition and Seed Saving.


Our partner specialist:

With our specialist training series, we work with experts in their fields to share information on new growth methods, nutrition focusing on mind + body wellness, and practical approaches to economically viable AG solutions.

Randy & Sue Campbell of Perpetual Foods

They have led a series of training on the overarching benefits and application of aquaponics, sharing their expertise that has come from not only decades of experience but also a designer of the Simple Raft (SRS) system we have installed for school, community and backyard gardens.

Kim Sargent & Aurorra DeMonte of Canadian Family Health Services (CFHS)

We worked with CFHS on multiple trainings to facilitate two different trainings.
Grow Happy Days to Schools around Abaco where we focused on connecting children to a soil regenerative gardening technique, nutrition and how their emotions are impacted by what we eat.
Neural Network Therapy (NNT) was a training we hosted for adult members in the community to come and learn some concepts around brain health and moving through trauma.

 Volcani International Partnerships

Provided multiple in-person trainings to highlight practical steps to make aquaculture and aquaponics projects economically viable. Together we also offered virtual training on hydroponics and compost.

“Thank you, Blue Atlas, for such an interesting and fun workshop filled with essential tools to help us through the difficulties of these times whilst dealing with our everyday lives! My daughter and I immensely enjoyed the workshop and we look forward to participating in future ones!”

-Jackie and Elizabeth Eldon

Attending the workshop on emotional health and how food plays a role

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